10 Easy-Proven Ways To Get A Sugar Mummy Both In Ghana And Abroad In 2021

A large number of loudmouth guys you see around are pretty shy, and will never have any substantive conversation with a mature lady, but make them fall in love with them.

If you’re serious about grabbing one of the specifics below, pay constructive attention to it like your life depends on it.

1. A wealthy, mature woman needs a young, focused man. You’re not supposed to be a dumb, deluded moron who doesn’t even know how to spell his name.

2. On your first date, talking about money means you’re a fool. For your first two or three dates, never talk about Cheddar. In holding a pound for pound convo with her, you must be imaginative enough.

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3 Tell her some of your successes, but don’t overdo them too much!

It’s still at the back of your mind that you’re seducing a mature cash cow, and the amount you’re going to get depends on how good you seduce her and sell her yourself.

4. Pro tip; If you have arranged to meet at a restaurant and she comes in front of you, tell her in a clever way that you asked the waiter to lead you to the only table where the most beautiful woman is sitting.

It’s a fat lie, but for cash, everything!

5. Often make sure that the convo comes up with much of your goals. She’s going to see you as a serious dude. Not all of the time money, money, money.

6. Tell your sugar mummy, who has now fallen in love with you after about many months, that you have a major project that needs urgent funding.

Here, you’re implicitly asking her to bind you to some of the country’s big men. These old women are most often well-connected.

When you are asking for money or other favours, don’t sound demanding.Don’t nag!

8. Any time she asks why you’re not willing to date young girls, just tell her mature people, unlike the young ladies who are full of senseless dramas, that they date sensibly.

You may also lie that mature, financially independent women are never rough on the pockets of their partner ( You will see her smiling )

8. Bedroom game; one of the most important parts of sugar mummy game hunting.Fu, if you can’t f**k the hell out of your sugar mummy, you’re definitely not going to qualify for the next round, or you’re going to be thrown out in the qualifiers.

She could even compel you to come and stay with her in her plush house if you succeed in hitting her hard as prime Johnny Sins.

9. Knowing how to drive also helps you to run easily. The majority of sugar mummies love men who can drive. They like to drive with their sugar boys dressed as their driver around town (s)

That will be a bonus for you if you are a good driver. And if you are not in possession of a valid driving license, learn how to drive at all costs. She’s going to get you some along the way.

10. Whenever she ruins your money or presents, never forget to say thank you because there is a long and deep tale of ingratitude.

They still turn up and sound thankful.

Doing so is always courteous. Do well with some good words to praise her. Only be imaginative and you can eventually accomplish your objectives.

If my tricks work for you, give me some cash!

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