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1992 Constitution hasn’t served us well; it’s only creating monster presidents – Muntaka laments

Muntaka bemoans the 1992 Constitution, saying it hasn’t done us any good and only produces monster presidents.

Mohammed Mubarak Muntaka, the Member of Parliament (MP) for Asawase, has joined his voice to the numerous requests for a revision of Ghana’s 1992 constitution.

According to him, the constitution has prevented the country from developing as it should have.

According to the former Minority Chief Whip, the 1992 Constitution in fact facilitates the election of dictators as presidents.
The congressman emphasized that the constitution gives the President too much power in the performance of his duties when he spoke in Parliament on Tuesday, June 20.

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When you look at the Constitution, all it does is create a monster president who is a superhuman and can do almost everything, and a lot of checks have to be corrected in the current constitution, he said. “I have always said with the utmost respect that the 1992 Constitution only helps us to elect a dictator,” he said.

Mr. Muntaka was making a contribution to a discussion about the delegation of a Vice President to serve as the acting President in the absence of the President, which was brought up by the Majority Leader, Osei Kyei-Mensah-Bonsu.

Mohammed Mubarak Muntaka demanded that the proposals made by the Constitutional Amendment Commission be put into practice in order to address these issues because he was unimpressed by the debates.

Since 2013, we have essentially iced over the suggestions of the Constitutional Amendment Commission, despite the fact that a lot of work has been done, and we have left it hanging. I keep asking what is holding us from enacting these recommendations.

Is another modification anticipated given the substantial effort the Committee undertook? he questioned.

We all understand that a presidential system must include checks and balances, but over the past 30 years, implementing that system has proven to be quite challenging.


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