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47% of females engage in drug abuse – NACOC

According to the Narcotics Control Commission, 47% of females between the ages of 15 and 65 are abusing drugs.

Every year on June 26, people all over the world observe International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Drug Trafficking. “People first: stop stigma and discrimination, strengthen prevention” is the theme of this year’s festival.

Francis Opoku Amoah, the Narcotics Control Commission’s (NACOC) acting director of public affairs and international relations, however, explained that the women are now using drugs as well.
He said that when they visited rehab facilities, data from those facilities revealed that 47% of women utilize drugs.

Previously, when you thought of drug misuse, you probably thought of men. However, data from the rehab clinics we visited showed that, in fact, 47% of women and 53% of men between the ages of 15 and 65 take drugs.However, men continue to dominate drug abuse in the nation so far.

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According to Mr. Amoah, relationships, peer pressure, and being adventurous are the things that drive males to engage in such behavior, whereas they are the things that drive women to do so.

He was discussing with Akua Boakyewaa Yiadom during the Burning Issues show on Adom FM.

When asked how the state can stop this problem, the acting director of public affairs and international relations at the Narcotics Control Commission said that most drug users are unaware of the effects the drugs have on them, so there is a need for extensive education to make young people aware of the risks drug abuse poses to their lives and the need for them to stop using drugs.

He also advised ladies to end relationships with individuals who are leading them into such risky activities.

Francis Opoku Amoah reiterated that a key issue with helping victims is that there are not enough rehabilitation facilities in the nation to help cure some of these persons who have developed a drug addiction.

He reiterated that the legislation that transformed the Narcotics Control Board into the Narcotics Control Commission also looked at the penalties meted out to people detained for using hard drugs.

“Previously, when someone is arrested for using hard drugs, they are brought before the court and, if found guilty, are sentenced to five years in prison, but under the new law, they are brought before the court and, after being examined by judges and doctors, are told whether or not they should be taken to a rehabilitation facility.

He came to the conclusion that the new law permits drug arrestees to be sent to rehab centers rather than being imprisoned.


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