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Aaron Carter ‘died without a will’ leaving the state to decide who will inherit his assets including his $800k house he had put on the market shortly before his death

Aaron Carter

American singer and songwriter, Aaron Carter reportedly died without leaving a will meaning the state of California will decide who will inherit his assets.


The 34-year-old, who passed away earlier this month, had been advised by his attorney to make a will after the birth of his 11-month-old son Prince. 


His son Prince is currently in the custody of fiancée Melanie Miller’s mother after the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services became involved and removed the 11-month-old from their home.



The infant has been staying with Melanie’s mother in Orange County since September, with Aaron and Melanie visiting him at her residence.


The LA County Department of Children and Family Services were forced to get involved because of the domestic disputes between the tumultuous couple, and removed Prince from their home. 


He has been living with Martin’s mother since September, reports TMZ. 


In California, the child normally inherits their single parent’s estate if they die without a will. But sources said Carter was not in a strong financial position when he was found dead in his home on November 5.


The star had put his Lancaster home up for sale for around $800,000 in the weeks prior to his death but it has now been taken off the market.


If a sale goes ahead, Prince would likely have security in any equity it brings. 


Insiders told TMZ Carter lived ‘hand-to-mouth’ and would quickly spend whatever money he earned. 


Carter was found dead in his bathtub by a housekeeper on November 5.


Since January 2020, Carter and Martin had a rocky relationship leading up to the birth of their son on November 22, 20121. 


The singer told in August that the two weren’t together and were done for good. 


It’s unclear what the relationship status of the pair was before Carter’s death but Martin released a statement and called him her ‘fiancée.’ 


She wrote: ‘My fiancée Aaron Carter has passed away. I love Aaron with all my heart and it’s going to be a journey to raise a son without a father. 


‘Please respect the privacy of my family as we come to terms with the loss of someone we love greatly. 


‘We are still in the process of accepting this unfortunate reality. Your thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated.’


Aaron Carter


Carter filed custody of their son and a petition for protection at the Antelope Valley Courthouse in Los Angeles County earlier this year. 


At the time, he accused Martin of ’emotional distress, anguish, shoving, & scratching’, and claimed she used the threat of suicide to abuse him ’emotionally.’ 


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