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Aborted twins discovered along Abora Dunkwa roadside

A paper box containing the remains of suspected aborted twins has been found along Abora Dunkwa-Adumfa road on the Cape Coast-Assin Fosu highway.

The twins were found by a lone road opposite the Islamic SHS by some commuters plying the road.

The lifeless bodies of the babies were covered with white cloth before being stuffed in a paper box.


Information gathered indicates that the pedestrian was alarmed by the bloodstained cot sheet and blew an alarm which attracted other eyewitnesses.


The Abura Dunkwa police, which was called to the scene, has since taken over the bodies as an exhibit for further investigation.

No person of interest has been named.

The police, however, assured residents that they are very optimistic that the culprit will be identified at the end of the investigation to face the law.

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