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Agona Nyakrom Needs Help: Collapsed Bridge and Bad Roads Need Urgent Attention

Residents of Agona Nyakrom in the Central Region have expressed serious worry about the many uncompleted developmental projects that were begun and halted for years in the town.

According to them, the town has not been treated fairly by successive governments by way of getting their share of development projects.

They cited their new Police Station building, which is almost completed but has stopped for many years, the market and poor town roads among others.

The major concern of the inhabitants of Agona Nyakrom now is the collapsed bridge on the Akora River, preventing vehicular and human movements from the many adjoining farming towns through Agona Nyakrom to Swedru and Accra.

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They have therefore made a passionate appeal to the government to to as matter of urgency come there aid.

Reports indicate that, the lack of development in the town have affected the economic conditions of the people and needs immediate attention

Information has it that, work commenced on the bridge some 7 months ago and stopped, a situation that’s making movement of people, goods, and vehicles to and from the town extremely difficult now.

Agona Nyakrom is one of the major towns within the Agona West Municipal Assembly in the Central Region. It is a farming community and the Traditional Capital of Nyakrom Traditional area, made up of about thirty towns, including Agona Swedru.

With the agitation from the inhabitants, the town is expected to become a district capital when next the administrative area is divided.
Unfortunately, despite the towns contribution to the Ghanaian economy through agriculture, human resources, and others, it hasn’t seen much development.

The town does not have any functional market or a befitting hospital. The town roads have become an eyesore with many potholes.

A police station building has been constructed and almost completed for years but has not been commissioned for use for unknown reasons.

The Police officers continue to operate from a very small and old building, making policing a difficult one for the officers.

The bridge has became very dilapidated and now a death trap to the inhabitants of Agona Nyakrom.

Fortunately, about some eight months ago, work on the bridge began by government but has stalled immediately after the bridge was demolished by them dividing the road into two rendering it unmotorable.

This situation has made movement of people, goods, and vehicles to and from the Many communities to Swedru and other communities extremely difficult one.

Information gathered suggests that the highway authority is planning to have a steel bridge besides the collapse one to assist the movement of people until the main one is done.

But, residents continue to make passionate appeal to the Assembly, their Member of Parliament, Cynthia Morrison, the Central Regional Minister, Highways and all relevant authorities to expedite action on the construction of the bridge and also attend to the many developmental challenges the town is confronted with.

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