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Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro will reportedly catch up to Samsung with memory


Until now, the iPhone 14 Pro has outperformed the latest Android devices with only 6GB of RAM.

The iPhone 15 Pro won’t be available until nearly the end of the year, but there is already plenty to report from the supply chain overseas.

The latest bit comes from Taiwanese supply chain research firm TrendForce, which claims Apple has upped its RAM order on the iPhone 15 Pro.

TrendForce writes in its latest newsletter that Apple will “bump up the capacity and specifications of the DRAM solutions featured in the next generation of the iPhone that is scheduled for release this year.”

It follows an earlier report from TrendForce in October when it claimed that Apple would add a “memory capacity upgrade” to the next iPhone, increasing RAM from 6GB to 8GB in the Pro model. The standard iPhone will likely stick with 6GB.

(Although Apple has not officially revealed how much memory is in the iPhone 14/14 Pro, MacRumors discovered the numbers in a batch of Xcode files. This was how the amount of RAM was reported in the iPhone 13. It was also predicted by supply chain analysts.)

Apple’s iPhones have operated with less memory than rival Android devices. It’s curious, considering the homemade Bionic chip periodically outperforms Android devices on Gizmodo’s internal benchmark charts.

We’re using Geekbench and some web-based tests to run relative numbers, but the A16 Bionic scores high—and that’s only with 6GB of RAM. Thus far, it’s faster in every way than Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, MediaTek’s Dimensity 9000, and Google’s Tensor G2, all with 8GB to 12GB of RAM.

We know a little bit about what’s in the pipeline for the iPhone 15 coming later this year. We’re looking for a USB-C port, as reports indicate Apple will comply with the switchover beginning with the iPhone 15—especially since its compliance date is 2024.

We might see solid-state buttons on the device that act like tiny trackpads. Apple will employ its Taptic Engines to offer haptic feedback as the buttons are activated. Apple might also offer an “ultra” variant of its iPhone to appeal to rugged users, akin to how it’s marketing the Apple Watch Ultra.

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