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“Bawumia has become the battle of all jokes” – Okudzeto fires Veep

No politician from Ghana has ever experienced verbal abuse like that, according to Bawumia – Okudzeto drags Veep.

Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, the vice president, and his supporters have come under fire from North Tongu’s Member of Parliament (MP), Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, over videos that mocked him for remarks he made.

The MP was speaking on Good Morning Ghana on Metro TV.

He claimed that the vice president has received more mockery for his own statements than any other politician.

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“As we all know, the battle of all jokes is Bawumia. In the history of Ghanaian politics, I doubt any politicians will come close to being a politician whose comments have been used against him.

“Even though I may be young, I have been actively following politics for the past twenty years. At least throughout this fourth republican administration, as a student leader and activist, we have been pretty aware of the political terrain for a long, and never has there been a politician. He continued, “Perhaps you can also claim that it’s because of the frankness of his remarks.

The MP Ablakwa remarked that perhaps some of the vice president’s remarks made on public platforms were so unpleasant that he too would wince when watching videos of his speeches.

He truly went on a wild binge. When the tape is played back to him, I have no doubt that he cringes at some of the things he said.

“Therefore, I’m not surprised that occasionally, when those videos are played, you will hear his collaborators, conspirators, and accomplices criticize TV and radio shows.

Samuel Ablakwa continued by stating that there is a stark contrast between Bawumia’s recorded statements and the current economic climate in the nation.

“Bawumia is the sole politician that warned us that if we took on excessive debt, overspent, and depleted our foreign reserves, we would end up at the IMF; you may recall the 2015 viral video and how we only recently brought the IMF upon ourselves. President Mahama was informed that it was his carelessness in 2015 while he was waxing poetic from above the roofs.

“Now that we’re here, he gets upset when his videos are played to him,” he continued.

One of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) candidates running to lead the party in elections in November 2023 is the vice president.


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