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Brad Pitt, 59, is getting ‘serious’ with his new 29-year-old girlfriend Ines de Ramon and has introduced her to ‘most of’ his six kids


Brad Pitt, 59, is getting

Brad Pitt is reportedly getting serious with his new girlfriend, Ines de Ramon as she navigates her divorce from ex, Paul Wesley. 


The 59-year-old actor – who is still battling his own bitter seven-year divorce and custody battle with Angelina, 47 – started dating Ines, 29, back in November and, according to a source close to the star, the pair have grown incredibly close over the past three months. 


Speaking exclusively to, the insider revealed that Brad has now introduced Ines to ‘most of’ the six children he shares with ex-Angelina, while detailing how he and his new partner have each been a source of support to one another after ‘bonding’ over their respective divorces.


Ines’ ex-husband, The Vampire Diaries star Paul Wesley, 40, officially filed for divorce on February 17 – five months after their split was confirmed by a spokesperson. 


Brad Pitt, 59, is getting


‘The decision to separate is mutual and occurred five months ago. They request privacy at this time,’ the rep stated in September. 


Paul is representing himself in the divorce and stated in his filing that their marriage of four years ended due to ‘irreconcilable differences.’ 


Ines and Paul do not share any children so it is likely that their divorce will will be less complicated than Brad’s, which involves a very messy custody battle with Angelina that is yet to be fully resolved. 


But, the source said, Brad is receiving plenty of support from Ines during his ongoing legal battle with Angelina, even as the celebrity health coach deals with the breakdown of her own marriage. 


‘Ines does the same for Brad who is unfortunately still dealing with his messy divorce from Angie,’ the actor’s close friend shared. ‘They actually bonded over their divorces and are quite serious.’


‘She has met most of his kids,’ the insider added, referring to the six children he shares with Angelina – Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Knox and Vivienne.


‘Brad’s relationship with Angie was such a high-profile disaster and it is quite the opposite with Ines. She is zero drama and very lowkey.’


As for what Angelina might have to say about Brad and Ines’ romance, the source insists the actor ‘doesn’t give a damn’ what she thinks about his relationship, saying: ‘He especially doesn’t give a damn what Angie thinks. In fact he wants her to know that he is happy with someone else.’ 


The Oscar winner also isn’t worried about Ines’ ex, Paul, who began dating 22-year-old model Natalie Zuckerberg at around the same time as Brad and Ines’ relationship was made public. 


‘Brad does not care what Paul thinks of him, nor what Paul thinks of him dating Ines,’ she source shared.


‘Even though Paul is out of the picture, Brad and Ines are going to continue keeping it on the DL.’


However, as those who follow Brad know, it has not been that DL so far.


Brad and Ines were first spotted out back in November outside of a Bono concert in LA. The two were being affectionate and were even seen smiling as they embraced each other.


Brad Pitt, 59, is getting


Since then, the pair have been seen together on numerous occasions, including the LA premiere party for Brad’s latest film, Babylon.





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