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Bridal train of Bishop Tackie-Yarboi’s daughter astounds internet users

The Dominion Sanctuary Church’s Bishop N.A. Tackie-Yarboi’s daughter Rhoda Tackie-Yarboi’s bridal train, which featured an astonishing number of bridesmaids, has gone viral online.

Online users were astounded by the sight of 25 stunning young women in a viral shot posted by photographer CliqKofi on Facebook.

The bridesmaids’ amazing visual show, which featured them in two contrasting wedding colors—pink and turquoise—captured the essence of beauty and harmony.

Their coordinated outfits highlighted the allure of Rhoda’s bridal train, leaving an enduring impression of her special day.

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Each bridesmaid wore the same dress style for the photographs, which added to an artistic uniformity that was nice to the eye and a sign of their strong relationship.

During their photo shoot, the ladies in pink sat in the middle, exuding elegance, while the ladies in turquoise elegantly posed to the left and right.
The picture’s composition demonstrated the ideal harmony of colors and timed compositions, creating an amazing visual spectacle.

It captured touching scenes of the bridesmaids dancing joyfully next to the happy bride in some of the films.

Rhoda was joined by her closest friends as she celebrated her special day, and her contagious smile and glowing delight were obvious.

The bridal train’s coordinated movements and contagious energy gave an extra dimension of fun and excitement to the wedding festivities.


The stunning bridal train instantly gained notoriety and adoration among internet users all around the world.

People commented and complimented each other on social media platforms as they admired the bridesmaids’ unwavering beauty and cohesion.


Source: Mynewsghana.com

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