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Brotherhood of the Cross and Star hosts interfaith symposium on the ‘Power of Love in Healing Our Fractured World’

The Association of Brotherhood Academic Scholars (ABAS), under the auspices of the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star (BCS), will on Saturday host an interfaith symposium to establish the role of love in healing the world.

BCS spokesperson, PCS Edet Archibong who shed light on the programme, emphasised the critical role love can and must be allowed to play in reversing present challenges, saying that love has everything to do with our fractured world today, as choices by leaders and the masses are what have brought the world to its present state.

“What determines the choices you have made? If your choice is determined by love, then you have no business in any vices. For instance if you have love for one another, there will be no stealing, no killing, no maiming, no raping, there will be no embezzling of funds, and so there will be no question of fractured organisations or a fractured world. It is only when there is no love, that is when you think of harming one another, you think of embezzling funds that is meant for the general good. You can see love plays a key role in what choices you make and the outcome of those choices,” he explained.


Addressing the theme of “The Power of Love in Healing Our Fractured World” will be speakers from the Islamic, Christian, Hare Krishna Movement and the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star.

The symposium will be held at the Teachers Hall Complex, GNAT, off Barnes Road, Adabraka, Accra, and starts at 12 noon.

The speakers: Srivas Das, Co-director for West Africa Hare Krishna Movement; Bishop Samuel Noi Mensah of the Full Gospel International who will present the Christian perspective; Imam Ahmad Tijani Haruna, Deputy Imam of Fise Community Mosque who will speak on the Islamic perspective; Christ Ambassador Wilson Iwara of the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, Ghana who will address the BCS perspective; and HG Archbishop Emmanuel Ekuri of the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, Nigeria who will speak to the specific issue of ‘Global Peace: Challenges and Solutions’.

PCS Edet Archibong who described the BCS as “neither a church nor a religion but the kingdom of God on earth”, maintained that if all men would love one another, seek and practice only the word of God, the world would be such a beautiful place to live in.”

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