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Cause of death of Kumawood Actor Fabregas Revealed

A medical report on the death of Kumawood actor, Haruna Baba, popularly known as Fabregas, has emerged.

After a report of his demise and the circumstances leading to his death run rife, there was suspicion of poisoning from colleagues he was staying within a hotel in Nigeria.

A close associate of Fabregas confirmed in an interview that he was found lifeless after complaining of feeling feverish after taking a meal provided by the hotel’s restaurant.


He reportedly complained of severe headaches before retiring to bed; he never woke up again.

However, a medical report on his death has revealed he was brought in unconscious and in a deep coma with alarmingly high blood pressure.

All efforts to resuscitate him failed and he was pronounced dead in the wee hours of August 14.

A possible cause of death as diagnosed by the hospital is a hemorrhagic type of cerebrovascular accident.

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