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CCTV captures a confident thief stealing a doctor’s bag at Ridge Hospital

A medical doctor at the Ridge Hospital in Accra has taken to his Twitter page to announce his stolen backpack, containing valuable items and several documents.

Dr. Silas Agbesi, who specializes in surgery, said the incident happened at about 12:50 pm on Tuesday, August 16, 2022, while he was conducting surgery.

“CCTV video of how my backpack was stolen from work today in the hospital. Not every person you see at the hospital is a patient. Some are thieves.


“Passport, Ghana card, vaccination card, and other important documents are all gone. Name on documents: Silas Agbesi. It happened around 12:50 pm today while I was busy in the operating theatre. He hasn’t been found. Still looking for him,” he wrote on his Twitter page.

In two separate CCTV footage accompanying the post, a man in a long-sleeved shirt and trousers pretending to be on a phone call is seen walking into an office and grabbing a backpack sitting on a table.

The second video shows the thief making his way out of the hallway of the hospital with the brown bag hanging behind his back.

Dr Agbesi shared his details, indicating that the contents of the backpack are very important to him and therefore entreated members of the public to help him retrieve his missing valuables.

“Name: Dr. Silas Agbesi. Tel: 0249204110. Email: mailto:[email protected] Ridge Hospital: Department of Surgery.

“Kindly let me know once you have access to the above-mentioned documents. The documents are really important to me. He can take the backpack,” he added.

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