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Church members including pregnant woman mercilessly assaulted and robbed while service was on going [photos]

A gang of four led by Robert Laryea stormed Revelation Chapel attempted to murder  and robbed the members on Friday 18th September 2020 at about 11:00pm at Achimota – ABC junction (Amankwa plaza 1) on the 5th floor of the building while service was ongoing.

Gang leader


The robbers made away with the following items Apple iPad, Tommy Hilfiger Rolex watch, neck chain, mobile phone and also took money from the offering box aside breaking and destroying some church properties.

The crime was reported to Mile 7 Police station. Police begun investigation and arrested the the gang leader who confirmed that he did led the attack on the church and made away with the said items.

After the gang leader was arrested, he mentioned the phone number of a lady by name Racheal Aheto popularly known as Akosua Dela as accomplice & partner of the man who abetted the crime.

Racheal Aheto
Racheal Aheto


Upon the arrest of the gang leader, the assembly members of Kotobabi & Alajo brought the robbed items without giving detailed explanation of how the items got into their possession and the criminal was released.

One Prince Kofi Danso, notorious & uneducated visa connection man… he’s the one who abetted the crime, led & drove the gang to the church premises which he has admitted to but he is also freed.

Driver and member of the gang
Driver and member of the gang

All attempt to proceed the case to court proved futile as the case was reported to the CID  head office but was ignored. ” The criminals seemed to know some big men at CID headquarters” The pastor of the church said.

‘The incident had since instilled fear in the members of the church who find it difficult to attend services.

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