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Citizens’ Participation in District-Level Elections Strengthens Our Democracy – NCCE

As part of the programme lin-up for the celebration of this year’s Constitution Week Celebration under the theme: “30 Years of Consolidating Constitutional Democracy: Building National Cohesion through Civic Education and Participation in Local Governance”.
The Ho Municipal Director of the NCCE, Rev. Vincent Adzika, in an engagement with the Moselem community, stated that Citizens’ participation in Local Governance through the Dstrict-Level Election in a long way strengthens Ghana’s growing Constitutional Democracy.
“Every strong building can be seen through its solid foundation, and the based of our constitutional democracy can be traced to Decentralisation and Local Governance process. Therefore the need to encourage citizens’ participation at the grassroots of our democracy”, he remarked.
Rev. Adzika added that the NCCE wishes to encourage especially the marginalised groupings, such as Women, Youth, and Persons Living With Disabilities, to avail themselves in the upcoming District-Level Election to boost their participation in the decision marking process.
On National Cohesion, he added that Ghana had enjoyed relative peace due to religious tolerance and peaceful co-existence of all ethnic groups and the need for all citizens to play their individual roles in maintaining it.
Iman Malam Isma’il of the Ho Ahoe Mosque, encourages his congregant, who are citizens of Ghana, eighteen years and above, and of sound mind with an ordinary residence status, to make themselves available in their electoral areas to be voted for and fully participate in the process when the time is due.
The Constitution Week Celebration is one of the NCCE flagship programmes introduced in 2012 to remember the citizenry of the 1992 Constitution and our roles in defending it at all times.
The Regional Directorate of the NCCE is currently engaging the Security Services while the District Offices sensitise Identifiable Groups and Religious Organisation as part of this year’s Constitution Week Celebration.

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