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Demand For African Consciousness Awakening Must Be Heeded To – Warlson Annan.

President of Asaase Yaa Awakening Center (AYAC), Evelyn Warlson Annan would storm Kumasi, the Asante Regional capital on the 16th of September, 2023 to commence her maiden African Awakening Conference.

According to her, the conference seeks to broaden our horizon by understanding who we are as Africans and becoming aware of our existence and reasons for coming on earth.

The Kumasi event has been necessitated by incessant calls on her to come to engage with them on issues of African Spirituality and Consciousness.

Madam Evelyn Warlson indicated that, the conference is under the auspices of the AYAC Global Tour with the main aim of trying to propagate the message of African awakening, seeking to help Africans realize who they truly are.

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AYAC, according to Warlson Annan, is a registered centre that seeks to bring assistance to people by helping them rediscover themselves and to realize their purpose on earth. “When that is achieved, the African would understand their purpose and begin to think differently, thereby contributing to the overall liberation of the black race”, she averred.

She underscored the fact that “We have lost our spiritual identity as Africans. For that reason, we’re unable to master our spiritual communication channels to gain our mental independence”, she emphasized.

To be able to achieve this, people should be aided to reconnect their spiritual communication portals with consciousness, where the essence of man’s existence can be realized, thereby contributing to the African enlightenment.

Kumasi being an area where people are interested in spiritual issues, the maiden AYAC Global Tour would commence from there, move to Accra and end in Takoradi. “It’s a triangular tour and the success of these three regions would propel us to continue across the country”, she revealed.

The African Awakening Conference to be held on the 16th of September, 2023, is billed to take place at the Lebanon Club House, Bantama in Kumasi. Interested persons can contact the organizers of the event and book for a place. It promises to be a rich and an exciting spiritual awakening encounter.

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