‘Don’t joke with a child of God’ – Agyinasare responds to threat by Nogokpo chiefs

Archbishop Charles Agyinasare, the founder and chairman of Perez Chapel International, has responded to the uproar over a 14-day deadline for him to appear before the Nogokpo chiefs following his declaration that “Nogokpo is the demonic headquarters of the Volta Region.”

Archbishop Agyinasare expressed amazement at being the center of attention for weeks during a speech at his church over the weekend, despite all the difficulties in Ghana.

Anyone who decides to curse a child of God does so at his own risk, he warned.
“Abraham’s benediction: ‘I will magnify your name that you may be a blessing. Take verse three for example, where it states that “I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you.”

“If you curse me after I become a Christian, you’re wrong. Describe a curse. A curse is an appeal to supernatural forces to harm you. God therefore has the right to curse anyone who makes fun of you. Then anyone who offers libations and invokes spiritual powers against you by mentioning your name.

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He continued by saying that anyone who pours a libation in the face of a Christian puts themselves in a conflict with the forces of God.

“That individual is triggering a spiritual law against themselves and their families, according to what they are doing… They have opened a spiritual door to attack you if they have a calabash full of palm wine, a glass full of schnapps, or a bottle of “akpeteshi”; once they pour it and shout your name.

You don’t joke with a child of God, he continued, “if the world knew who we are and what we have once we become Christians.”


The 14-day deadline that Agyinasare was given by the chiefs of Nogokpo to come before them in response to his claim that “Nogokpo is the demonic headquarters of the Volta Region” expired on Friday, June 16, 2023.

Nufialagah Mawufemor Kobla Nornyigbey, the Nogopko spokesperson, announced that the chiefs and elders of Nogokpo would be meeting to decide the next course of action to take against the archbishop.

“For us, every choice is available. When asked if the Nogokpo chiefs would summon their god, Nornyigbey responded, “I mean all the alternatives.

On May 25, 2023, Archbishop Agyinasare delivered a sermon at the Supernatural Summit that was hosted at the Perez Chapel headquarters in Accra. He talked about heavenly protection and the existence of wicked powers. He used a number of instances in his lecture to exemplify his points, such as the time his team came under spiritual assault after leading a crusade in the Volta Region.

“We stayed in Agbozume, which was where our hotel was, during this crusade in Aflao, and you had to go through Nogokpo. Furthermore, Nogokpo serves as the demonic region’s administrative center.

The second night, I forced Bishop Yaw Adu to speak about witchcraft, and we denigrated witches and wizards. We only haven’t spoken it yet. “The tyre came out from under the car as we were traveling from Aflao to Agbozume in Bishop Yaw Adu’s four-wheel drive as soon as we reached Nogokpo,” he recalled.

After Agyinasare’s statement gained widespread attention, some people criticized her.

A press conference was conducted in the Dufia of Nogokpo, Torgbui Saba V,’s royal palace in response.

The chiefs sought Archbishop Agyinasare’s presence within the allotted time, alleging that he had made disparaging remarks about them. He was to appear before them, they claimed, and give an explanation for his remarks.


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