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Drake reveals that Lil Wayne rapped his name wrongly when they first met


Drake reveals that Lil Wayne rapped his name wrongly when they first met

Canadian rapper, Drake has taken a walk back to memory lane on how his relationship with American music star, Lil Wayne began. 


During his Turks and Caicos convo with Lil Yachty, Drake admitted Wayne first thought his name was “Drizzy Drake Rogers” when he rapped it on one of their collaborations, the 2008 track “Ransom.”


Rogers is actually the name of one of Canada’s top internet providers and Wayne thought that was Drake’s last name, seeing they were sending tracks via email.


When “Ransom” dropped, Drake says he realized the error but didn’t have the heart to correct his mentor. 


They had other successful collaborations after the error, and both recently earned a spot in the Top 10 of Billboard’s Top 50 rappers list, although Wayne largely disagrees with his ranking.


Drake is ranked 8th, while Wayne is ranked 7th. However, Wayne recently told Apple Music that Jay-Z, Eminem and even the late greats Tupac and Biggie should not be considered better than him.



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