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Evil Behind The Scenes

All over the world and through the evolutionary history of mankind, some few persons have always sought to control others to their parochial benefit. Such act of control have been made possible through either secret association or societies or forms of government espoused by others that seeks to control the masses for the benefit of the proponents.

As the world becomes globalised, with a plethora of information becoming available through digitized systems, access to information and knowing about things abounds. The great question is; who are the beneficiaries of this globalised digitized world in the 21st century?

The world has gone through so many systems fashioned out by powerful nations who were in charge. We have gone through Roman system, the Greek system and now the approaching new world order.

The 21st century system is designed, fashioned and shaped for neo-colonization. Colonialism itself has come gone and with Africans in particular bearing the brunt of such a barbaric episode in the trade of humans.

The real colonialism was about white against blacks with most of the whites thinking blacks were no humans as such commoditised. This neo-colonialism is a kind of colonization, not about black or white race. It is about taking control of people’s mind, shaping the way they think in order to control their actions.

The so called elite society, that is, the ruling elite families which are in the minority intends to enslave the masses by way of mental matrix, that is, the cultural, social, or political environment in which peoples minds are developed and shaped.

If we pay good attention to the school system from basic school to tertiary, we can deduce that it empowers people into servitude (slavery) rather than leadership (liberation). The whole idea is to produce people who are mentally boxed to serve the so called elite interests. This is the called the PYRAMID OF CONTROL. That is, a hand full of so called elite at the apex of the pyramid determining what happens to the masses at the base of the pyramid. This is modernized slavery. Thus, mental slavery legitimized.

In this golden age, it is the battle of mind control and mind games. In this age and time nations are no longer colonizing physical territories but rather mental territories. And if they control your mentality, they have indirect control of your physical territory with ease.

This is how come the advanced (enlightened) nations indirectly control the territories, minerals and natural resources of the underdeveloped (unenlightened) nations. And if care is not taken and the masses do not awaken from their slumber, the very free will of the masses will be taken away by this ill minded self acclaimed elites.

This is the whole agenda of the digitalization and the entire concept of artificial intelligence (AI) that people are blindly and ignorantly following and embracing. By virtue of this, whatever is happening and will happen to us is happening because we have accepted and allowed it to happen due to our ignorance.

The only solution and antidote to defeat this sinister agenda is not through physical revolution but through a revolution called “Self Realization”. Knowing who you are and becoming conscious of life and its existence is the only key to becoming truly aware of the happenings of the world.

When you become aware of yourself and life, no being, visible or invisible can control the matrix of your mind. That is why they never want you to know who you are. Knowing who you are is the very essence of our existence and that makes you better appreciate your value and that bars anyone from manipulating you to achieve their selfish ends.

Awake to the knowledge of WHO AM l. So, WHO ARE YOU?


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