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Evil men used Rawlings to stage 1979 coup – Tolon Naa speaks after 41 years

Forty-one (41) years after the June 4th Revolution by the Rawlings led Armed Forces Revolutionary Council that toppled the Supreme Military Council, another military regime, a former officer commanding the Recce Regiment has spoken about the incident.

Major (Retired) Abubakar Sulemana who is now the Paramount Chief of the Tolon Traditional Area has revealed that contrary to claims the late former President Jerry John Rawlings was the architect, it was rather some unscrupulous persons who masterminded it and used him.

He revealed that these persons were very influential and wielded so much power the former military leader was always at their beck and call.

“Exactly! That is what I am talking about. All the evil things that were done during his period… Unfortunately… It is just like, I have the power, I have the money. I put you there. I come to tell you to do something, can you refuse? They used him. They pushed him. They forced him to some dirty things.”

On his relationship with Rawlings he said “He was my friend. Rawlings used to come to my house at Burma Camp. We would sit down and discuss. We would later meet and ride horses together. Very gentle. Not a devil. Unfortunately, the devils that forced him to do those things are still around. I don’t want to be tagged as a politician. If you look deep, they are the people causing the mess around John Mahama. They still have their revolutionary caps on.”





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