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Fan Milk PLc recalls FanYogo batches after customer complaints

Following concerns expressed by some customers, Fan Milk PLC, the company that makes FanYogo, has recalled some batches of the product.

Recent FanYoyo buyers have complained on social media about the strange texture of the product, which has prompted the corporation to take action.
However, in a statement, the firm acknowledged the oddity, stating that “the root cause identified on the recent quality issue on FanYogo is due to both a recent change in our starch source and variations in handling.”

According to Fan Milk PLC, the batches were found when the company’s Food Research Institute looked into concerns from customers.

The batches in question are reportedly safe for consumption, however the firm is requesting that any consumers who come across one of the questioned batch numbers on the market submit it to the following Fan Milk depot for replacement.

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  1. Anointed Steve Enterprise, Kumasi
  2. Dapaduk Ventures, Tamale
  3. Eve-Asa Company Limited, Kasoa
  4. Bubbles Ladies Gh. Limites, Spintex
  5. Little Stars Delight, Kwabenya

“We are well aware that certain batches fall short of the high quality customer experience we are recognized for.
In order to determine the root of the issue and find a solution to stop it from happening again, our devoted team of professionals in our laboratories ran extensive testing on the batches.

Fan Milk PLC is working with the Food and Drugs Authority, the regulator, to find a solution in the interim.

Below is the full statement


We acknowledge your concerns on the texture of some batches of FanYogo and therefore recalling the following batches with immediate effect:011023022, 011023120, 011223664, 031123385, 031123408, 031123414, 031123429, 031123438, 051123442, 061123453, 141023223, 161123572, 181123530, 181123537, 181123587, 231123590, 231123596, 231123625, 231123890, 251123611, 251123614, 251123616, 251123622, 251123628, 261123633, 261123635, 261123636, 261123638.

Importantly, our expert team has confirmed that the above batches are safe for consumption. In addition, we engaged the Food Research Institute (FRI) to conduct an independent test which also confirmed that despite the variation in texture, the product is still safe to consume.

We kindly request that you return any FanYogo you may have with any of the above batch numbers to the following FanMilk depot listed below or any other depots near you, to replace with fresh FanYogo.

Name                                                                                    Location

ANNOINTED STEVE ENTERPRISE                                         Kumasi

DAPADUK VENTURES                                                           Tamale

EVE-ASA COMPANY LIMITED                                              Kasoa

BUBBLES LADIES GH. LIMITED                                             Spintex

LITTLE STARS DELIGHT                                                        Kwabenya

We fully acknowledge that these batches do not meet the great product experience we are known for. Our dedicated team of experts in our laboratories have conducted comprehensive tests on the batches to investigate the cause of the problem to prevent it from happening again.

So far, the root cause identified on the recent quality issue on FanYogo is due to both a recent change in our starch source and variations in handling.

We are in touch with our regulator (Food & Drugs Authority) on the issue, and we are working closely with them to resolve this matter.

We are sorry for all the inconvenience this has caused and appreciate your patience in waiting to hear from us.

Thank you for your continued support and loyalty. We are dedicated and committed to restoring the great FanYogo experience you love.


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