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Ghanaian Social Worker inducted as chairperson of World Day of Prayer

A Ghanaian social worker, Joyce Larko Steiner has been inducted into office as the first international chairperson of World Day of Prayer (WDP) International Committee at the St Barnabas Anglican Church in Osu, Accra.

Mrs. Joyce Larko Steiner takes over from the Reverend Laurence Gangloff from France.

A programme and Advocacy Director at the Christian Council of Ghana, Joyce Larko Steiner will hold office for the next five years.

She has the mandate to call meetings of the International Committee, ensure the production and distribution of the annual international WDP materials, implement the recommendation made at the international meeting and in an event of emergency, make decisions on behalf of the International Committee.

The World Day of Prayer is an international, ecumenical Christian laywomen’s initiative, which has been conducting an annual day of prayer since 1927.

Right Rev. Dr. George Kotei Neequaye, Suffragan, Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Accra, who inducted Mrs. Steiner into office charged her to continue to serve humanity, especially women, in diligence and in the way of God.

The Right Rev Dr George Kotei Neequaye, Suffragan Bishop, Anglican Diocese of Accra, conducted the induction service and urged Madam Steiner to continue to serve humanity, especially women, in diligence and in the way of God.

He charged the World Day of Prayer membership to also continue to pray for the salvation of perishing souls.

From her humble beginnings as a Home Science Teacher at the Osu Presby Home Science Centre in the 1980s, Joyce has risen through the ranks, serving in various capacities within the Christian Council of Ghana, the Ghana Aids Commission and now, the International Chairperson of the World Day of Prayer International.

She holds a PhD in Guidance and Counselling Psychology.

She worked at different levels of the Movement until June 16, 2022, when she was elected to the highest office.

Her participation in the World Day of Prayer dates back to 1994 when she joined the Christian Council, becoming the liaison person for Ghana WDP National Committee in 2002.

Miss Katie Anne Reimer, the Executive Director of WDP International Committee, congratulated the inductee, saying; “She brings with her, confidence, wisdom, spirit of kindness and empathy to lead the Committee.”

General Secretary of the Christian Council of Ghana, Rev Dr. Cyril Fayose praised the new chairperson for her commitment and dedication in every role she’s played in making life better for mankind.

The common ecumenical worship service of local communities in nearly 170 countries is slated for the first Friday of March, each year.

The worldwide growth of the movement called for national, regional and international involvement in planning and responsibility for the World Day of Prayer.

The International Committee was formed in 1968 and meets every four years when representatives of national/regional committees gather in different areas of the world to participate.

The Chairperson was elected from Africa at the last international meeting hosted by the Committee in Scotland, after about 100 years of existence.


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