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Girls. School. Pregnancy – A UNICEF-JoyNews hotline documentary detailing life stories of pregnant adolescent girls

Ghana has a relatively young population, with every fifth person aged between 10 and 19 years.

Among them, the number of adolescent girls is estimated to be 3 million – the highest in the country’s history. Investing in adolescent girls is thus a strategic choice for Ghana.

Adolescent girls may suffer from limited opportunities for education, skills development, and employment as well as a lack of access to information on issues affecting their lives.

Some adolescent girls are at greater risk of mental health issues due to their living conditions, stigma, discrimination, exclusion, and inaccessible or low-quality support and services.

Retaining the girl-child in school, and empowering them to acquire the highest level of education is a major challenge in Ghana.

Teenage pregnancy and child marriage are two of several factors which are hampering national efforts at tackling the difficulty.

The consequences of these phenomena on the girl-child either make them drop out of school or delays their pursuit of academic excellence.

This documentary, “GIRLS.SCHOOL.PREGNANCY” focuses on the lives of some pregnant adolescent girls and adolescent mothers, their quest to return to school, and how society is helping them or worsening their situation.

Please watch documentary below:


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