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How John Boadu allegedly tried to ‘bribe’ EC officials – NDC communicator exposes him

Courage Makafiji Nunekpeku, a member of the National Democratic Congress’s (NDC) communication team, has revealed the purported method the NDC used to thwart attempts by the incumbent New Patriotic Party (NPP) to rig the Assin North by-election.

He claims that the NDC stationed teams at every voting location to keep an eye on the NPP’s activities, particularly their interactions with Electoral Commission of Ghana (EC) personnel and any potential vote-buying schemes around the polling places.

The head of the team at the voting location at Bramha DA Primary School, Makafiji Nunekpeku, claimed that his group was able to prevent the NPP from buying votes close to the voting location and that they also allegedly caught John Boadu, the former general secretary of the NPP, trying to bribe election commission officials.

“A team was established to oversee each polling place, and I served as the team leader dispatched to Bramha DA Primary School. At 5:00 am when we arrived at the polling place, we witnessed people putting in several enormous “Ghana must-go” bags that were transferred to a house nearby at 7:00 pm.

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“We had no idea what was in the bags, but we later learned they were filled with cash. We also came to understand that every time someone went to the polling place, they were led to that house first. We went there and informed them that something like this could not occur 50 meters from where voting was taking place. There were disturbances there.

A few hours later, John Boadu, the former NPP secretary, was driving a huge convoy of roughly ten vehicles. Prior to giving the man a bundle of cash, John Boadu (the speaker) went to the presiding officer and gave them some canned malt. I challenged him and told him he could not be doing that after John Boadu immediately delivered the money to him,” he recalled in a Friday interview with Accra FM that GhanaWeb was listening to.

The former NPP general secretary, according to him, told John Boadu that the EC official was his in-law, whom he had not seen in a long time, and that was why he was presenting the ultimatum.

According to the NDC communicator, another NPP woman arrived during the argument to advise him to be cool because his money was on its way, but he reprimanded her.

He claimed that the police were called in as a result of the altercation, and they took the money as evidence.
During the interview, a video of the incident was shown, and the police could be seen collecting money from an EC official that was meant to be the bribe.

Watch the video below;


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