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I bolted, leaving my taxi with the passengers – Driver recounts how he escaped Nima violence

A driver has recounted how had to abandon his car and some passengers when bloody gang violence broke out at Nima on Tuesday, January 18, 2022.

Violence broke out on the streets of Nima, a suburb of Accra, after two rival gangs clashed in a free for all fight involving machete and guns.

Speaking to Oman Channel, a day after the incident, a taxi driver said he had to abandon his car in the middle of a trip when the bloody incident occurred.


“We were right here at Gutter yesterday when we saw people coming with machetes and other weapons. We are used to seeing such things here but yesterday was the extreme of it all.

“This is not the first time so we thought it was the usual fight. We later saw guns and other weapons and that scared all of us.

“That caused everyone to run for safety, some run and left their shops. I am a driver and I had to run and abandon my car here.

“I had passengers in the car but I bolted and left them. It is not all about money, once we have life, we can make money. I left my phone and everything in the key and bolted,” he stated.

The driver further disclosed that he later came back to his car when the incident had been brought under control and was lucky to find his belongings intact.

He however wished for an end to gang violence in the Nima area stating some of the effects it has on residents living in the area.

“Our leaders must rise up and ensure this is stopped. Sometimes when you go looking for a job and you mention you are from Nima or Mamobi, the employer begins to have second thoughts on whether to employ you or not,” he indicated.

Tuesday’s incident resulted in several persons sustaining injuries from what has been described by police as a battle for supremacy by two rival gangs.

Meanwhile, the police on Friday put before an Accra Circuit Court some 7 persons they arrested following the incident.

Two other suspects according to the police are on hospital admission receiving treatment while another two who are said to be the ringleaders of the rival gangs are currently on the run.

The court on Friday remanded the suspects into custody and asked that they reappear on February 1, 2022.

Watch the video below:

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