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I hate Second Lady Tag – Amissah Arthur’s wife

The late former vice president’s wife, Kwesi Amissah-Arthur, has publicly stated that she detests the ‘Second Lady’ moniker Ghanaians typically give to vice presidents’ spouses.

The phrase, according to Matilda Amissah-Arthur, was only created in Ghana and other African countries to refer to the wives of vice presidents. It is not a well-known one.
She stated the following in an interview with Joynews:

“Second Lady is the worst. Second Lady is unparalleled. It was entirely created in Ghana and is wholly African. Everything else is a wife of this or that, save from the First Lady, who is the wife of the president.

“Only in Africa will you hear Second Lady, and I despise it ferociously. The title, she continued, is “wife of the former vice president.

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When discussing the inspiration behind one of her novels, The Wife of the Former Vice President; My Journey, Matilda Amissah-Arthur remarked this.

She said that the book—which she began before her husband’s passing—was a chronicle of her experiences as the wife of a vice president.

“While my husband was serving in office, I became aware that there were no books that discussed what spouses of public officials were doing, thinking, etc. The Wife of the Former Vice President; My Journey is the title of the piece I had started thinking about writing after the NDC lost office.

“That book talks about what I did, not as putting in what every former vice president’s wife should do, but just sharing my story,” she continued.


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