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I haven’t eaten my wife’s food for the past 15 years, I’m afraid she’ll kill me – Oboy Siki reveals

Oboy Siki, an actor in Kumawood, recently made the stunning admission that he hasn’t eaten his wife’s meal for the past 15 years in order to prevent dying too soon.

According to Oboy Siki, as men become more wealthy, their wives turn into potential threats who may work together to have them killed off prematurely so that their children could inherit their fortune.

Oboy Siki was open in an interview with Kofi TV about his idea that wealthy men who pass away suddenly aren’t the victims of natural causes, but rather become prey to their spouses’ covertly evil motives.

I haven’t eaten my wife’s meals in the past 15 years, he revealed. I’m aware that this statement could infuriate some people, but the truth is that if she manages to capture you, she will kill you. When a man succeeds, his wife wants to get rid of him. I’m being honest with you. That’s how they are; as you prosper, your wife slowly poisons you. I therefore avoid eating my wife’s food.

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Furthermore, Oboy Siki emphasized that he would rather die naturally than take the chance of eating his wife’s food and maybe being a victim of her ulterior intents.

I’d prefer to pass away naturally than wait for her to come and kill me, he continued. Have you never seen anything like this before? I won’t go into depth; instead, I recommend that you speak with elders who have married couples who have gone through similar circumstances.

The actor continued by saying that it is a common occurrence in relationships for wives to start off being helpful to their husbands before eventually doing damage to them.

He exhorted people to ask elders with direct knowledge of such events for confirmation.

“These men’s deaths aren’t always accidental; there are usually malevolent motives hidden behind them. Women are simply here to help you and benefit from your wealth since they were intended to be helpers. They will therefore try to take your possessions when the chance comes along in order to protect their kids.

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