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I just feel Yvonne Nelson went overboard in her memoir but I don’t hate her – Victoria Lebene

Following her social media critique of Yvonne Nelson’s gripping memoir titled “I am not Yvonne Nelson,” Ghanaian actress turned entrepreneur Victoria Lebene has refuted the public’s view that she harbors animosity toward fellow actress Yvonne Nelson.

The publication of Yvonne’s memoir on Sunday, June 18, 2023, stunned a lot of people in Ghanaian society, especially when she mentioned several powerful people. This sparked a flurry of internet conversations and arguments.

Victoria Lebene, the spouse of Ghanaian blogger Nkonkonsa, joined the discussion and offered her viewpoint.

“Do you think we would be safe in this globe or country if everyone came out to tell a story of what individuals have done to them every step of the way? When you’re not a saint, don’t behave like one. Victoria remarked in a story on Instagram.

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Fans, however, were not pleased with Victoria Lebene’s remarks and quickly voiced their displeasure and called her out for it.

Clarifying her position, Victoria Lebene told Graphic Showbiz that despite their earlier disagreement over her husband’s article on Princess Tyra, she did not detest the actress.

The mother of two asserts that Yvonne had the right to express her thoughts, but she believes that some of the private information she disclosed in the memoir went too far.

I do not despise Yvonne at all. She simply went too far with some of the private information she disclosed, in my opinion. I’m not saying that Yvonne shouldn’t express her feelings, but she ought to have been careful about how she did it,” she told the Newspaper.

She emphasized that while discussing one’s experiences can help one find recovery, others who were affected by similar situations may also need healing.

It would have been more appropriate if she had tempered some of the admissions she made in the book without disclosing such explicit information. This is due to the fact that while you may believe you are mending, the individuals involved may also need to recover from this, she advised.

Sarkodie, who was referenced in Yvonne’s book, has gained notoriety since the occurrences detailed, and this may have an impact on his family and brand, according to Victoria Lebene.

“Sarkodie wasn’t big then; he’s bigger now. The fact that the person is married with kids indicates that you should take their reputation into account. Both the wife’s and the kids’ feelings are present.

She also suggested that not everyone has Yvonne Nelson’s level of resiliency and that some people would find it difficult to cope with such revelations.

Despite the fact that I am physically capable of withstanding every gunshot that is aimed at me, not everyone is. She should have taken all of them into account.

Victoria Lebene stated that she intends to write a book in the future that empowers and counsels readers rather than going into intimate personal experiences.

I don’t think I want to offer a narrative of how I have had sex or how many abortions I have had; it doesn’t make sense. If I have to write a book, it will be one to empower people, to advise people. But just because I think this way doesn’t mean I despise her. Although occasionally we should consider the sensitivity of what we say and do, she continued, “it is okay if it’s a strategy to sell the book.”

Source: Mynewsghana.com

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