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I kissed the woman at Royal Academy but it was consensual – Cathedral Architect reveals

The renowned architect Sir David Adjaye, who was been given the RIBA Gold Medal for 2021, has addressed the claims of sexual misconduct made by three former female employees.

Although Adjaye acknowledged having connections with these women, he adamantly refuted any allegations of sexual assault or harassment.
Adjaye expressed profound regret for blending the lines between his personal and professional lives and for indulging in these relationships in a statement provided to the Financial Times.

He acknowledged feeling humiliated and made a commitment to get quick counseling from a professional in order to learn from his errors and avoid repeating them.

Adjaye underlined that all relationships were completely consensual in order to disprove any claims of harassment or assault.

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The architect did, however, recognise the anguish caused and the detrimental effects on the careers and financial conditions of the participating women.

The Financial Times piece described the charges, which include claims of sexual assault and harassment that allegedly took place at the Royal Academy of Arts in London and a Johannesburg airport.

In a statement, Adjaye’s attorney strongly denied all claims of sexual misconduct, abuse, or other wrongdoing. The attorney claimed that these allegations were contrary to the values he upholds and that they were not only inaccurate but also extremely upsetting for Adjaye and his family.

The report also referenced the firing of two women who claimed they were forced into having sex with Adjaye at his Accra office. These accusations are vigorously refuted by Adjaye.

Concerns concerning Adjaye’s alleged controlling behavior toward a female employee in London, including comments about appearance and insulting statements toward dark-skinned black women, were also brought up in the Financial Times piece.

In response to this incident, Adjaye’s attorney claimed that although he had kissed the woman at the Royal Academy, he vehemently disputes her account of what happened.

The attorney cited correspondence from that time period to show that Adjaye and the woman interacted consensually. Any accusations of harsh or oppressive behavior were denied.


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