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I Regret Calling God Fraud- Don Little

Actor Don Little, known in private life as Stephen Atanga says he once called God a liar and fraud out of frustration.

Speaking on Accra 100.5 FM’s Ayekoo Ayekoo, Thursday, June 8, 2023, he indicated that he regretted his utterances. He made this known when he was asked if he has regrets in life.

“Yes…Seeing that the Creator designed me this way–at a point, I spoke against him–that made me regretful,” he stated.

“At a point, I went into some desperate times concerning shelter and feeding–the entire world abandoned me and I didn’t know where to go to or what to do,” he indicated.

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According to him, at the time even his colleagues in the industry from whom he asked for little loans of say “GHS1 or something,” they would accuse him of “just going about doing nothing,” wondering how he would even pay them back.

In such times as he said, “your mind is drawn or tempted to do evils like: ‘Steal this, do this…’. It’s not your will; it’s hunger.“

He said that he remembered asking God in the thick of the situation: “Why did you bring me into this world when you knew I couldn’t do anything for myself? Why don’t you rather take my life?”

In anger and frustration, he accused God of being a “fraud,” a “liar” and “no god at all”.

“These were words I spoke. I really vented,” he disclosed.

He narrated that things improved and again worsened, he even thought to provoke and anger God, like before, to help him once more.

“When I experience tough times, I feel the urge to anger him again so he would also answer or bless me out of anger,” he stressed, noting: “So that’s what I did that I regret.”

Don Little said he regretted the utterances because he has had a change of mind and attitude.

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