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‘I will go to Nogokpo for my money’- Failed NDC MP aspirant threatens Chairman – Report

Following her defeat in the most recent party primaries, Janet Keturah Naa Ashong, an opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) candidate for parliament in the Anyaa-Sowutuom seat, is reportedly taking action to seek redress from Nogokpo.

According to a report published by the Anchor newspaper, Janet has claimed that she is asking the Nogokpo shrine in the Volta Region for justice because of fraud and deception.

According to the allegation, Janet Keturah was allegedly tricked into shelling out a sizable quantity of money to ensure her success in the primary elections.

She asserted that Kwesi Arhin, the constituency chairman, and other coordinators in the NDC caucus demanded various payments to allegedly ensure she won the position. She also alleged that on the day of the primaries, she gave the chairman a sum of GH20,000 for a variety of reasons.

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Emmanuel Adotey Allotey claimed the victory and will represent the NDC in the upcoming 2024 parliamentary election. Janet Keturah is said to have revealed that she trusted the chairman’s assurance of honesty and believed that he would fulfill his promises by ensuring her victory in the election. However, despite her financial commitments, she did not emerge as the winner as pledged by the chairman.

Given that similar events involving other candidates in the past, the losing aspirant has pledged to hold the chairman’s unfairness accountable.

He phoned my driver to come get my money after the election, but I ordered the driver not to come; instead, I would go to Nogokpo to get my money. And I’m prepared for this. Nothing will make me change my opinion. I also won’t pardon him. In an interview with the newspaper, she is quoted as saying, “I gave the money to the chairman and the chairman said go and give this coordinator this money, go and give this coordinator this money,” according to the Anchor.

Amadu Babagida, another unsuccessful candidate, was also mentioned in the report. He allegedly tried to curry favor with the chairman by giving him gifts of money and a car, but failed. As a result, both Babagida and Janet have announced their plans to run as independents in the 2024 election.

The Nogokpo shrine is well-known for its connection to the pursuit of justice in contentious situations. According to audio recordings on several NDC WhatsApp sites mentioned by the publication, the disgruntled aspirant is believed to have already visited the shrine.

She described the payment of funds to the chairman just before the elections.

“Four hours before the election, following the collection of that money, my constituency chairman called me at around 2am. I’m seeing the election as a “open election,” Keturah, hmm. I questioned him, “Are you the EC?” Will you cast your ballot? How do you know that anyone can win when you just have one vote?

“Unaware, our constituency chairman had purchased an air-conditioned vehicle with funds from one candidate, so he was personally visiting the coordinators and directing their votes to that candidate,” she continued.

“Can’t you see how Keturah is working? This girl can help us,” they questioned him. Let’s attack her. No, don’t vote for Babagida, but because God is so good, he ultimately believed that Babagida would win the election, but he didn’t, and someone else did.


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