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I will turn down the opportunity to be JM’s running mate if propositioned – Muntaka Mubarak

If I’m approached, I’ll decline the chance to serve as JM’s running mate says Muntaka Mubarak.

Muntaka Mubarak, a member of parliament for Asawase, has stated that he will decline any offer to serve as John Mahama’s running partner.

He believes that because he too has northern heritage, he is not the best candidate for the job.

Although he was born and reared in the Ashanti area, the NDC veteran claimed in an interview with JoyNews’ PM Express that his family is originally from the north and that pairing together two northerners might be challenging.

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“Yes, I’m from the Asante Region, but no one can deny that I also have ties to the north. Since my grandfather moved to the south, Kumasi is where I identify most strongly. It’s where I’ve lived, where my father and grandfather are buried, where I went to school, and pretty much everywhere else.

“Even the residents of the north believe that I don’t act like a resident of that region, but you can’t dismiss that. And I doubt it would be very challenging for a normal Northerner to live in the South with a Second or Third Generation Northerner, he added.

Muntaka Mubarak is certain that, to prevent any issue, John Mahama should choose a pure Akan over him, despite others suggesting that their pairing may be the NDC’s key to winning the Ashanti region in the 2017 Presidential elections.

“Even if he were to make that gesture, I would prefer to advise that he choose a purely Akan person if it is truly Ashanti that he wants,” he stated.

The Asawase MP claims that he is also harboring personal presidential aspirations and will vigorously pursue them when the time is ripe.

“I’ve been a politician, I think I did a great job serving, I have the necessary qualifications, I’ve distinguished myself as much as I can, and I want to think that if the opportunity arises, why not? I’ll be a contender, and I’ll be aggressive about it.


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