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Ignore Words of Deceitful and Ungrateful Kwadaso MP; Kwadaso is Still with Akoto and Never for Bawumia

The Progressive Voices for Kwadaso Municipal have issued a press release to debunk the notion that, Kwadaso Municipal is supporting Vice President Bawumia. According to them, Kwadaso is still for Hon. Afriyie Akoto.
We have chanced on a video making rounds on some media platforms displaying the visuals of the Member of Parliament (MP) for Kwadaso Constituency endorsing and indicating that delegates and natives of the entire Kwadaso Constituency in general support Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia and will give him a large percentage of their votes during the NPP Presidential Aspirants elections in November 4, 2023. He made this known when Dr. Bawumia together with his campaign team met delegates of Kwadaso Constituency during their Presidential Campaign trail on Friday 7th July, 2023.
As an Association serving as a voice for the progressive development of Kwadaso and her natives, Progressive Voices for Kwadaso Municipal want to put on record that, prior to the 2020 General elections, Dr. Owusu Afriyie Akoto, former Minister for Food and Agriculture supported the current Kwadaso MP with an amount of 600,000gh cedis to win the NPP Kwadaso Parliamentary primaries when all financial hope were lost for him, and an additional 100,000gh cedis and some undisclosed items during the peak of the 2020 General Elections.
In fact, Dr. Akoto made him a Member of Parliament, because the MP possessed no single charisma and aura to ever become MP. His personal magnetism to ever become an MP was in the zero and anyone in Kwadaso would easily attest to it.
To elaborate and expatiate further, the good and discerning people of Kwadaso at that period did not find him attractive and adequately fit to be their legislative representative, but through the exceptional influence of Dr. Akoto, he was elected.
It is also worthy to note that, during the heat of this MP’s 2020 NPP Kwadaso Parliamentary Aspirants’ Contest, Dr. Bawumia only offered him 70,000gh or even less when he urgently needed money to run the campaign of his Parliamentary primaries and General Elections contest despite his countless plea for more assistance from him. In furtherance, even the Deputy Minister position Dr. Bawumia deceived and lured him with to stab Dr. Akoto in the back and join him has not even been fulfilled till date despite his consistent reminder of Dr. Bawumia and involvement in his campaign since 2021.
We, the Progressive Voices for Kwadaso Municipal, will therefore like to inform Dr. Bawumia, his Campaign team and the general public that, they should not be deceived by the words of the Kwadaso MP, and must be well assured that, the natives of Kwadaso Constituency are not with Dr. Bawumia. In fact, the natives of Kwadaso are not ungrateful like the MP whom they elected because of the magnanimity and influence of Dr. Akoto and the immeasurable affection they have for him, and that, Dr. Akoto will take not less than 90% of the vote of KWADASO!
In fact, Kwadaso has always gone in for their own, a reason the Constituency voted in block for Dr. China, the current NPP National Treasurer, despite the consistent obstruction and sabotage against Dr. China by this same MP.

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