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It is Abomination to Use Party Headquarters for Mini Rally by an Aspirant – Nana Kwadwo Akwaa

In a statement released by Nana Kwadwo Akwaa, he is of the view that, the Usage of the Party Headquarters for Mini Rally by an Aspirant is an Abomination against the Spirits of the Founders and what the Party Stands for.
He wrote;
“The allowance and the glaring predetermined agenda toward and usage of the Premises of the NPP National Party Headquarters as a preserved venue for an aspirant and not for all aspirants is a grave concern and against the tenets of this Party.
Infact, the glaring abuse of power and bending of the laws and regulations for the presidential aspirants elections are what are my concerns and should be the concern of the high ranking government and party officials behind it because Paul Afoko, Kwabena Agyapong and Sammy Crabbe were sanctioned for less alleged abuse of power offenses.
What certainly was not good for geese should certainly not be good for the gander.
The rate, tempo and determination at which some high ranking government and party officials want to abuse power, trample on the sacredness of the tradition of the party and gang up against the other aspirants, present and position a quick sand under their feet and make the contest imbalance and unbearable for the rest like an African in a Boxing Bout with an American at Las Vegas is very bad.
That is my only concern because as for the crowd and busing of which majority are even not NPP members but just “political mercenaries and Hired Crowd” just engaged for such agendum, I believe the alleged 20M budgeted and intended to waste on the campaign till the first leg of the Election in August could have even done more than this ; note, 1500.00 people in attendance instead the budgeted 5000.00 people for the programme is woefully inadequate and therefore cements the evidence of non favorability and chopping especially taking into consideration the huge amount of money budgeted for the busing. So for the crowd, it is not my concern but a good attempt but not a perfect execution due to the crowd being woefully below the expected and intended by the campaign team especially considering the kind of money that had been pumped into it to achieve a specific desired result which had had it planned for over two months.
But to reiterate my problem has to do with the abuse of power, bending of laws and regulations for the presidential aspirants elections, attempts to stifle the other aspirants and the glaring desecration of the Party Headquarters through the allowance for its usage as a venue for mini rally, gathering and political activities of an aspirant and not a preserved for all!
But what we should bear in mind is that, it didn’t work in 2007, didn’t work in 2015, didn’t work in 2022, and therefore, it won’t work in 2023. In fact, there has been no period in the history of the Party under the 4th Republic that attempts to stifle others for a particular aspirant has ever worked!”

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