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It is foolish to disrespect your mother in a book – Schwarzenegger slams Yvonne Nelson

Afia Schwarzenegger has called Yvonne Nelson’s decision to publish a book that aims to humiliate her mother nasty and juvenile.

She has joined the group of famous people who have criticized the actress for disclosing what has been called a number of pointless private details.

The actress has been in the news all week as a result of disclosures in her book, which among other things describes her perplexity over who her father really is and her sex adventures with Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie.

The actress’ mother’s virginity has been questioned, with internet users speculating as to whether she had extramarital affairs in order to have caused these repercussions given that Yvonne is yet to discover who her biological father is.

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In that sense, Yvonne’s mother has also had to deal with backlash from internet users throughout social media.

After considering the circumstances, Afia Schwarzenegger believes that Yvonne was unfair to portray her mother in such a negative light.

She claims that Yvonne has “fed her mother to the dogs” and that there is no excuse for treating the mother who gave birth to her in such a way.

According to her, solving problems of this nature privately, at home, is preferable.

Who in their right mind would write a book to disrespect her mother? “Writing a book to wash your dirty laundry in public is NOT daring but childishness at the highest degree (done that and outgrown it).If I don’t know who my children’s biological father is and any of them need to take a DNA test to find out, then I, the promiscuous mother, should feel ashamed of myself, and an Ashawo is even better. Why not do that in private, perhaps with your family or a priest or counselor? On Instagram, she posted.

She added, Yvonne should brace herself for some future actions posterity will take against her, adding that, this particular act of hers will prompt dire consequences someday.

“And we’ve developed IDIOTS who will congregate in the comment area to defend this despicable crime…Your daughter will be reminded of her grandmother by others who are cheering you on today. Be careful what you do after having a daughter. I want God to give you courage the day your daughter asks you about your book. Calling a family member out shouldn’t be an option after you publicly reprimanded a man who turned out NOT to be your real father. Would you have acted similarly if Atta Ayi, the prisoner, had been your father rather than the former speaker? Just curious. Children God commands us to obey our parents.Therefore, respect your mother in all circumstances because you have experienced your fair share of unhappy relationships.

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