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‘I’ve got world champion nuts in these trousers’

John Fury, the father of heavyweight champion boxer Tyson Fury has had his testicles insured for $15million because he believes his sperm is so valuable. 


The retired professional boxer and former bareknuckle fighter has three sons who are professional fighters; Tyson, Tommy, and Roman Fury.


Tyson is John’s most successful son, being a two-time world heavyweight boxing champion with an estimated net worth of $65million. Tommy is a Love Island finalist and is unbeaten as a boxer, and Roman recently made a successful debut in the sport, too.


John Fury (pictured right with his heavyweight boxing world champion son Tyson) has had his testicles insured for $15million


‘I’ve insured my nuts for £10million [$15millionAU] – believe me there is good stuff that comes out of them,’ John told


‘I’ve got world champion nuts in these trousers, breed some kings I do.


‘There are only champions coming out of these nuts — it’s been proven hasn’t it?’


Fury says he got the insurance policy in 2020 after Tyson defeated Deontay Wilder in spectacular circumstances.


John’s sons Tyson and Tommy (pictured at the beach together) are both professional boxers.


Tyson believes his dad has made a wise decision by insuring his testicles.


‘He insured them because that sperm produced the heavyweight champion of the world and it’s very valuable,’ he explained on the Behind the Gloves YouTube show. 


‘So, if anything happens to him, even at his age, he could still extract a few champions out of those, so we’ll see.


‘Imagine this guy puts a load of swimmers in test tubes and freezes them and sells them, this is the proper half-brother of ‘The Gypsy King’ Tyson Fury the heavyweight champion of the world, this potentially could be our next champion, so it’s worth a fortune.


Tommy Fury (pictured with father John) is an undefeated boxer and was also a finalist on the Love Island television show.


‘See me, I’ve become heavyweight champion, but I’ve never produced a heavyweight champion.’


John has 18 grandchildren and that will likely soon be 19, after Tommy announced his partner Molly-Mae Hague is pregnant with their first child.


‘Words cannot express how proud of Tyson and Tommy and all my family I am. I feel like I’m a world champ sometimes,’ said Fury.


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