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John Mahama’s Running Mate Must Bring Harmony And Competence To The Ticket – Benjamin Quashie States

Mr. Benjamin Kofi Quashie, South African National Democratic Congress Council of Elders Chairman, has outlined some qualities that President Mahama must consider in picking a running mate for election 2024.

He avers that the running mate of the NDC must be appealing to the Ghanaian people, must be competent and bring some working harmony to the ticket.

In a telephone conversation on “Dwabremu” Political Show on CTV, 18th August, 2023, Mr. Quashie emphasized that Mr. Mahama isn’t someone who does things for his parochial interest, but someone who does things looking at the larger interest of the party.

“In deciding on who becomes the running mate, President Mahama would do so in consultation with the Functional Executives of the party, the Council of Elders of the great NDC party. In politics there would be a lot of names that would come up but, President Mahama would have a lot of electoral victory considerations to make” in deciding on who pairs him for the 2024 Presidential and parliamentary elections.

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The above notwithstanding, Mr. Quashie thinks the party must look for someone who has a good appeal to the electorates and where the person is coming from, the competence of the person and the harmony with which the person would be able to work with the flagbearer, that is President Mahama.

The fourth and most crucial consideration in selecting a running mate “is for us to realize or know how the person intends to ensure that the manifesto of the NDC would be implemented to ensure that it benefits the Ghanaian people”, he stated.

He added “President Mahama would give us the best running mate ever”.

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