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Kofi Amoabeng Exposes Why He Left The Military

The decision to quit the army was one of the hardest ones the former Chief Executive of the now-defunct UT Bank, who is also a retired military captain, had to make.

He claimed that despite having the goal of becoming a military general, he was forced to resign because he disagreed with a coup d’etat that had taken place.
He quickly clarified that after leaving, he immediately became a businessman.
In a Facebook post, Kofi Amoabeng Captain (rtd) stated, “My dream was to become a Military General.” I had to leave the Army, which was the hardest choice I had to make. I departed because I disagreed with the Coup d’etat that took place.

“I stumbled into becoming a businessman. Your character and values, not your dreams and aspirations, define who you are, he admonished.

One of the financial institutions impacted by the 2019 banking sector clean-up activity was Kofi Amoabeng’s UT Bank.

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However, Kofi Amoabeng stated in a GTV interview on Friday, February 17, 2023, which GhanaWeb watched, that a lot of people believe he is still wealthy despite the fact that his bank failed a few years ago.

He continued by saying that although the government closed his bank, he lost all of his capital but is now able to obtain what he needs to survive.

“Those Ghanaians who don’t like those who advance should be glad, not me because I don’t have fortune and I’m broke. It doesn’t matter because whatever I was when I was… I owned only one pair of shoes and just this one watch. I still wear the same shoe and the same watch, therefore it is irrelevant to me.

“But Ghanaians often assume I have money hidden away because they place themselves in my position and believe that if they ran a bank like I do, they would have a lot of money outside.


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