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Koforidua: Boyfriend murders girlfriend Pretty Abena

At Trom, a Koforidua suburb, a dumped lover is accused of killing his ex-girlfriend.
The horrific tragedy reportedly took place on Saturday, June 17, 2023, near Junction 5 in the Trom. community.


Commentary on the sad news claims that Abena Pretty’s boyfriend beat her on numerous occasions and that she was told to break up with him but resisted, insisting that he would change.

She was once beaten to a pulp by her ex-boyfriend Godwin Nii Darko, who also chewed off her fingers in the process.

Co-tenants in the residence where the incident took place said that the suspect visited the girlfriend while a naming ceremony was going on.
The suspect was met outside by the deceased girlfriend, who was thought to be 23 years old, who then took him to her room.

No one heard the deceased’s distressing plea for aid, therefore it appears that the suspect killed the victim while the naming ceremony was going on.
He is accused of fighting with her before forcing a piece of cloth into her mouth and slicing her throat.

Before sneaking out, he threw the knife he had used to carry out the heinous deed into a bush behind the home.

The 30-year-old suspect came forward to the police later that evening while wearing a crimson blouse with the words “Rest In Peace” written on the back.

Police took inventories of the crime scene before retrieving the body from the frozen blood and putting it in the morgue.

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