Kwesi Yankah: Sanitary pads? ‘Bisa abrewa’

I have been mulling over contemporary issues that would have drawn the fury of parents in those days. Discussing sanitary pads in the public domain?

How dare you? The topic itself would not sneak its way into your mouth, and test your verbal discretion. Other parts of the brain would rise to censure it ahead of temptations.

These days sanitary pads, sanitary pads are discussed on the radio and TV. Ebei. Our mother Ama Ata Aidoo would probably have interjected, wonoa no den na wamben? Defying translation.

That sacred thing is being taxed by a greedy tax collector? As in all such matters, only one side of the story is told. When did that insensitivity begin? And why tax something above the means of poor school kids, etc? The fuller story of importing something made in Ghana is something never told. I even dread to repeat the word here.

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One past female minister helped us all out and avoided loud public discussions. She advocated and implemented free supplies of the something to school girls of puberty age. That quietened all the waters.

If the free SHS can afford it, let’s follow suit and arrest ‘unspeakables’ in the public domain. Simply add it to the government bill in rural schools.

Oh, but I am probably wrong. Let’s avoid the entire topic of taxes on that sacred something.

There must be an old lady in every household in Ghana. Let’s simply ask abrewa. How did you handle the monthly female cycle those days? What did you wear in those days to avoid public spillage; and how did you wear it? That red cloth called something something. Were special taxes applicable? Where are the waist beads to hold the something firmly?

Dear Ghana, while we wait for GRA, let’s avoid the loud discussion on sanitary pads. Simply ‘bisa abrewa‘.

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