Manhyia fines pastor with three wives GH₵20k, four sheep for snatching another man’s wife

Mr. Macaiah Addai, the pastor of the 7th Day Pentecostal Assemblies in Adeabeba, Kumasi, appeared before the Manhyia palace on Tuesday to answer charges of stealing a church member’s wife.

A five-member tribunal in the palace of the Asantehemaa ruled Pastor Macaiah Addai guilty of the accusations as he was accompanied by members of his church.

Pastor Macaiah Addai, who had already had three wives, was instructed to sacrifice four lambs in order to atone for his crimes and placate the gods of the region.
But a well-known chief in Kumasi intervened on Pastor Macaiah’s behalf, begging for a lighter sentence. The pastor was instructed to bring two sheep, which were then exchanged for GHC 6000 in cash, rather than slaughtering four sheep as originally planned. Pastor Macaiah paid the bill right away.

However, it didn’t end there.

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The “wife snatcher” was also sentenced to pay his church member, Mr. Kofi Adjei, whose wife he was accused of snatching and having a connection with, an astounding sum of GH20,000.

Mr. Adjei described his trauma to the five-member panel at the Manhyia palace. He said his wife, Madam Gloria Amponsa, had been his wife for 21 years. Prior to his wife’s conduct abruptly changing and her starting to desire a divorce, they had been living together amicably and raising children.

Distressed, Mr. Adjei asked Pastor Macaiah Addai and the church elders for assistance in the hopes of finding a solution. He was shocked to learn from Pastor Macaiah that his wife had already approached him and claimed to have given bottles of schnapps to Adjei’s family members in an effort to dissolve the marriage. As a result, the pastor said he couldn’t help with their reconciliation.

Two days later, I learned that my wife was a married couple living with Pastor Macaiah Addai. All of my attempts to persuade my wife to come home have been ineffective for more than a year and a half,” Mr. Adjei said with tears in his eyes.

Pastor Macaiah asserted in his defense before the Manhyia palace on Tuesday that he married Gloria Amponsa because she told him that she had divorced Mr. Kofi Adjei.

When the pastor revealed that he had not performed any traditional rituals for Gloria Amponsa’s family because he adhered to Jewish marriage rules and customs, which do not need such rites for a divorced lady in her future marriage, the situation took a turn for the worst.

Pastor Macaiah Addai was visibly shaken as he attempted to respond to additional probing questions from the five-member panel, which was made up of chiefs. Eventually, he admitted his mistake and was consequently penalized as is customary.

The case has been postponed until Tuesday, June 20, 2023, so that it can be resolved completely.


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