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McDan Foundation commits to funding medical bills of tallest man in Ghana


After going viral following a JoyNews documentary by Mohammed Nurudeen, Ghana’s tallest man, Awuche is finally receiving aid.

Businessman Daniel McKorley has come to the aid of the young man, born Sulemana Abdul Samed. McDan has offered him opportunity to undergo medical treatment, among other support.

Awuche was not always a tall individual. He woke up one day to realise he was growing taller and taller by the day.

Awuche as he is popularly known, was diagnosed with a rare endocrine disorder called acromegaly, which is caused by an excess of growth hormone in the body.

McDan Foundation commits to funding medical bills of tallest man in Ghana

Speaking to JoyNews in a new documentary, he said that despite the challenges his ailment brings, he chooses to have a positive outlook on life.

“God has never done a mistake in his creation. This my condition, I see it in a different way, as a blessing and the other way as a sick person. I know I’m not fine. I’m a sick person but the other way, I see it as a blessing,” the 29-year-old said.

Also, speaking to JoyNews, Mr McKorley, popularly known as McDan, said that following the documentary he was informed by his team in the Northern parts of the country about the young man’s predicament.

He stated that he felt that the tallest man in Ghana needed all the help he could get and if he could lend a hand he was ready to do so.

“They called me that Awuche has a problem and his problem is lingering. So I quickly called Kelvin, my foundation team and Carlos to pay him a visit and see what we can do for him,” he added.

McDan Foundation commits to funding medical bills of tallest man in Ghana

Following the call, the McDan Foundation came to Awuche’s aid. The foundation committed to fully funding the medical treatment.

The businessman said that “having the tallest man in the world in your backyard is a big deal. If you ask me, it is a big deal and that must be looked at seriously. And as a nation we cannot allow such a person, excuse my language rot in the north.”

McDan explained that it is imperative for medical professionals to conduct research into finding the cause of Awuche’s ailment and the possible solutions among others.

McDan Foundation commits to funding medical bills of tallest man in Ghana

“Look into why he happens to be the tallest man in the world. His genes. We have to look at his DNA. So many doctors, psychologists, neurosurgeons, alchemists and everybody is supposed to have a whole classroom researching on him.”

With the help of the McDan Foundation Awuche is currently undergoing a series of ultrasound scans at the Blue Valley Specialist Medical Centre.

This will help tailor the best treatment for the young man. 

McDan Foundation commits to funding medical bills of tallest man in Ghana

McDan told JoyNews that Dr. Bulley is one orthopaedic surgeon in the world and we happen to have him right here in Ghana. I took Awuche to the best doctor to look at his situation. It is expensive to use a doctor like Dr Bulley but it’s the results we want.”

He stated that it is imperative to bring situations like these to the world’s attention and the tests among others will help in doing so.

Meanwhile, Awuche’s prayer is to live a normal life and at the very least enjoy the fame that his height has brought him.

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