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Muntaka currently teaches at UPSA after losing his position as Parliamentary Leader

Mohammed Mubarak Muntaka, an Asawase MP, appears to be relishing the benefits of no longer serving as the Minority’s Chief Whip in Parliament.

The lawmaker claims that he now has enough free time to pursue his prior intention of working as a part-time teacher, a career he was considering before entering politics.

Mr. Muntaka feels that by instructing a Leadership course at the University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA), he is preparing the next generation for the responsibilities that lie ahead of them.

You might find it interesting to hear that I’ve started teaching. I currently teach leadership at UPSA.

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He stated on Tuesday, “You just take advantage of every chance that comes your way. So I’m now getting the opportunity to share my knowledge with the young youth of this country.

In response to a question on PM Express on JoyNews, Mr. Muntaka revealed this.

After hanging up his political boots, he claimed that he looked forward to returning to the classroom.

However, he chose to take on the post as quickly as possible in order to offer his wealth of expertise because he had lost his Chief Whip position and had a lot of free time.

And his time lecturing over the last three months has been excellent for him.

He said “Yes” when asked if he had completely accepted becoming a regular Member of Parliament.

He continued by saying that prior to losing the position of Minority Chief Whip, all of these meetings were no longer on his schedule because he always began his days very early and frequently had late evenings.

As a result, he now has plenty of free time to spend with his family and pursue other interests, like teaching, that were before impossible.

“Believe me, until I lost my position as Chief Whip, I had no idea that we were carrying such a heavy load. I’m a little more at ease now.

“I can say that I now have more time to recuperate, spend with my family, and take longer vacations. You couldn’t before, he said Evans Mensah.

Even while Mr. Muntaka acknowledged that his party’s methods for ousting him were dubious, he was ultimately appreciative of the opportunity it brought.

“That’s how life is; if you’ve never experienced falling and rising, it could be challenging, but for those of us who have, you get used to it.

“When I first became a Chief Whip, I was aware that there would come a time when I would no longer hold that position. Despite how it was done, you must leave all of that behind you because life must continue on, he added.


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