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My cousin got me raped – Lady recounts ordeal after 13 years

Emefa, a young lady who was once a victim of rape has opened up to host, Mercy Bee of eTV Ghana’s Girl Vibes Show about her ordeal.

She narrated during a phone interview on the show that she was only thirteen years old when two men caught and raped her.

“I was with a friend of mine when my cousin came to tell me that my father was looking for me. I asked her whether we would be using the asphalt road or the rough road and she decided that we use the rough road.

“I told her that it was late and quite dangerous for us especially since we are girls but she refused to use the asphalt road, saying that the rough road was shorter”.

Emefa continued that she followed her cousin on the rough road but when they were almost home, her cousin stopped and pointed out to two men close by in an uncompleted building, telling her that they were the ones calling her and not her father.

“I was arguing with her about why she did that when all of a sudden, one of the guys came up behind me, put a handkerchief over my nose and dragged me into the uncompleted building”, she added.

According to Emefa, the man who came to drag her into the building raped her and left her for his colleague to take his turn, however, upon seeing how much she was bleeding, he did not touch her, but they both left her lying there.

The lady, who claimed she was then in class four, further narrated that after they left her lying in her own blood, she managed to crawl back onto the road to try and find her way home and lucky enough, a woman chanced upon her and helped her get to a hospital.

It has been thirteen years since the tragic incident, and Emefa, who is now a mother as a result,, has no description of whom her rapist cum father of her child is. Also, she never got a chance at justice as her parents never reported the issue to the right authorities.




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