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My passion for Ghana – the story of Ziata Abena Celestine and her family


Meet Ziata Celestine. Call her a strong woman and you are right on point.

She is ambitious, compassionate, generous, free spirited person with a unique sense of fashion. No wonder she is called fashion entrepreneur. She is not afraid to share her ideas and thoughts, regardless of what others think.

She is not afraid to share her ideas and thoughts, regardless of what others think. Ziata has a strong passion to support young girls and the urge to fight for change and speak up for others.

 Anniska Celestine

My passion for Ghana - the story of Ziata Abena Celestine and her family

She is soft spoken, full of love to offer humanity. It was her idea supported by her family to institute a programme to tell the story of Ghana to the rest of the world as part of Black History month in Louisiana, USA. With an infectious smile, she has the skill of diplomatically getting things done.

 Zelda Celestine

My passion for Ghana - the story of Ziata Abena Celestine and her family

The strong woman, very enduring and empathetic towards others. She has been told she has features of a Fanti woman and she has been fantasying the idea. She wants to visit Ghana and the Fanti land. Oh she also wants to learn the Azonto dance.

Mama Larvenia Celestine

My passion for Ghana - the story of Ziata Abena Celestine and her family

Lioness of Africa! She is such a strong and brave woman. But beyond this strong personality, she has beautiful kind heart. She opened her doors and hosted three total strangers from Ghana she has never met. Surprised I guess, because we don’t have too many of such stories. Especially coming from that part of the world. Mama Celestine allowed her home to be used as the center to tell the Ghana story. Her charisma is at another level, at age 73, she travelled through four states in one day. She moved from Colorado to Kansas, Oklahoma and to Texas.

Sure you now understand why I called her the lioness.

Wondering why I am giving a description of these four Americans?  These individuals’ passion to support children in Ghana is phenomenal.  Three Ghanaians were invited for the black history month celebration in Louisiana. George Owen, a business man from Ghana living in New York who has passion to see Ghana change,  Dr Bernard,  a Consultant,  Lecturer and a Former UN diplomat and myself Martina Bugri, a journalist to interact, exchange culture and discuss issues of interest.

As a journalist, I told the story of the beauty and investment opportunities in Northern Ghana. Guess what? That was enough attraction to lure Ziata Abena and her family to want to visit Ghana. But if you thought the fun and business angle was enough to awaken their interest to visit Ghana, wait till I tell you why this beautiful family is visiting Ghana next year.

I told the story of how young girls are missing school because of the hustle to search for water each day. I also shared some videos of some communities sharing water with animals.  I watched the shocked faces of the women who had gathered over dinner. My attention was focused on Ziata, because she got teary and I saw her try to hold back her tears.

Curious to know how people, especially girls were surviving, because that is their interest, they asked question after question of Dr Bernard, George and I to understood the situation and how they can help. By the end of dinner, these four and their aunty Tinny had agreed, spear-headed by Ziata, to set up a foundation to raise funds to offer water for nine communities and aunt Tinny was the first to contribute to the fund.

Ziata is an American. Wondering why she has Abena as part of her name. She is in love with Ghana. I watched her interest when Dr Bernard explained to her the strength and traits of people with the name Abena.  “I want it and I am adding it to my names, I’m in love with Ghana you guys need to help me nationalize” she said.

I guess we know now why she has Abena as part of her names.

Now back to the foundation-what she wants to do in the next two years in the Binduri, Nabdam and Bolga East District,  Zaita Abena Foundation is raising funds to support 13,716 girls with sanitary pads for the next two years, sink  boreholes, support the agricultural and health sector.

Ziata is putting up programmes to raise 200,000 for farming, 120,000 dollars for health and 180,000 dollars in education. Her foundation with work with Hingi and Associate to support school children farmers and communities. The programme is expected to kick start in the last quarter of this year.

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