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Nadia Buari makes fun of Yvonne Nelson for being used and dumped by Sarkodie

In her recently released book, Nadia Buari appears to have discussed the controversy surrounding Yvonne Nelson and Sarkodie’s long-ago affair and allegations of abortion.

This follows the criticism Yvonne received for disclosing the men who exploited her and the response she received from Sarkodie, who was named as one of the individuals who got her pregnant and forced her to undergo an abortion.

On TikTok, Nadia Buari posted a video of herself and one of her kids acting out a scene from a movie in which one of the characters (a buddy) asks another (a side-chick) if she believes a married guy would leave his wife for her.

The actress quietly poked fun at Sarkodie for using and then ditching her friend Yvonne Nelson in 2010 despite the fact that he was already committed to Tracy, his current wife.

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However, she seemed to wonder what Yvonne Nelson has to gain by finally coming out after 13 years of having an affair with the celebrated rapper, who is now married to Tracy, his longtime girlfriend, and mother of their three children.

Although Nadia Buari didn’t specifically mention any of the characters, many people have interpreted the timing of the video as a response to the ongoing social media storm.

It is assumed that she is attempting to convey to Yvonne that if she had known Sarkodie would never wed her, she would have had the opportunity to act more wisely at the time.

Even now, it’s too late because Sarkodie will never leave his wife for Yvonne, whom he referred to as a “whore” for supposedly having many affairs with different guys in an effort to find love.

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