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Nana Addo, Bawumia’s blessings of Charles Opoku are worthless and not a political currency for him to spend anywhere—Alhaji Sinare

The former National Vice Chairman of the opposition National Democratic Congress has dismissed President Nana Addo and Dr. Bawamia’s endorsements of Mr. Charles Opoku, the NPP Parliamentary candidate for the Assin North By-election, describing them as paperweights and worthless.
He watered down the endorsement in an interview with the media, saying Ghanaians are not fools enough to trust someone who promises heaven and ends up giving them hell ProMax.
The endorsement is actually worthless because the President and his vice president do not possess any political goodwill or leverage anywhere in Ghana to make anyone win a Unit committee election, let alone a parliamentary election in a free and fair electoral system.
They are political paperweights, he stated
They are also not democrats and promise keepers, which anyone should be proud to be associated with, he noted.
The former ambassador stated that it would be “foolhardy for the people of Assin North to reinforce failure by electing a candidate sponsored by “this ineffective and incompetent government in tomorrow’s election.
He tagged the Nana Addo -led NPP government “a failure” and warned the people of Assin North  not to elect a candidate on the ticket of a  “failed government that always gives one excuse or another for its failure to meet up with Ghanaian expectations.”
He also called on the President and his Vice to leave the campaign ground and get down to work to resuscitate the nation’s wobbling economy created by them.

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