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NDC vigilante troops hijack Assin North Polls

According to a leaked audio recording, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has assembled troops of political vigilante groups to invade the Assin North Constituency of the Central Region as part of the party’s operational strategies to win the constituency’s upcoming by-election on Tuesday, June 27.

The New Publisher has investigated the aforementioned leaked recording, which included the voice of a guy identified as Yahuza Fusseini who identified himself as Commander of the Eagle Forces, a pro-NDC task squad stationed in Obuasi that is frequently seen acting in a vigilante manner.

According to the aforementioned tape, the NDC leadership in Accra has instructed the aforementioned Yahuza Fusseini to gather the Eagle Forces and command them to attack the Assin North Constituency today, Monday, June 25, in preparation for tomorrow’s by-election.

The following are paraphrased quotes from the recording that was leaked: “According to the arrangement, we from Obuasi West have been allotted one side of the Constituency and there is no other group with us there. The Kumasi group and the Obuasi East groupings would represent the other side of the constituency alone. Nobody enters the lane of a different group.

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Let’s get together on Friday to discuss plans and ideas. We have 19 polling places, thus we need to know how to distribute our voters among them. No matter what work you are performing, ask your manager for permission before beginning.

The day before the elections, we have been requested to spend the night in the town. We are unfamiliar with the town, therefore it is a challenging assignment. But when you think about it, that is the best course of action. How do you enter a town if you don’t know it? We are being requested to enter the town a day before the elections because of this. In order for the locals to become familiar with us.

We’re sitting here. We should keep it. The previous election, we had a lead of more than 3,000 votes. You have no idea what the NPP wants to pass in Parliament if they win the seat, I swear to God.


We are the first-generation NDC that is utilized in by-elections. Let’s all participate in this election and take this seat, so that National knows that the Eagle Force contributed to the triumph.

The tape went on to say: “We have been handed 19 polling places, and these are the strongholds of the NDC. The NPP’s plan is to request that people stay home instead of casting their ballots. “When we are going out, don’t fear anything,” we would say as we went from house to house urging people to vote. We wouldn’t be harmed in any way. Let’s get together on Friday to discuss who we will be leaving town with.


This is happening at a time Ghana has passed into law, the Vigilantism and Related Offences Act, 2019, which bans acts of vigilantism in the country, disbands all forms of vigilante groups.

Under the Vigilantism and Related Offences Act, 2019, a person who directly or indirectly instigates or solicits the activity of a vigilante, facilitates or encourages vigilantism, or conceals a vigilante to avoid lawful arrest, commits an offence, and is liable, on conviction, to a term of imprisonment of not less than ten (10) years and not more than fifteen (15) years.

Vigilante groups are basically noted for unleashing mayhem and all manner of unlawful and criminally inclined election related activities.

Their activities have been a pain in the neck of Ghana’s thriving democracy and right fitting stakeholders in the political ecosystem sighed in relief at the coming into being of the Vigilantism and Related Offences Act, 2019.

Meanwhile the pre election tension is nearing boiling point in Assin North as the June 27 date draws closer. It is still unclear how the country’s security apparatus would respond to the upcoming danger and the threats of vigilante operatives lacing boots to take over the polls.


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