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Nigerians troop to model Adeola Ariyo’s page after she was called out by her friend for “snatching” her boyfriend/baby daddy


Nigerians troop to model Adeola Ariyo

The model whose friend called her out for “snatching” her baby daddy is receiving heat from Nigerians after the story broke. 

Munira had gone on Instagram to detail how she introduced Adeola Ariyo to her man and even invited her to her baby shower as she prepared to welcome a baby with her man, only for Adeola to begin dating the same man. 

Munira also shared the scathing message Adeola sent to her after “snatching” her man. 

Amid the call out, Adeola posted a photo of her and the man on Instagram and wrote: “In my happy girl era.” 

This angered Nigerians and they took to Adeola’s social media accounts to call her out. 

Adeola had to go private on Instagram  and restrict comments, so people took to her Facebook account to leave comments. 

See below.


Nigerians troop to model Adeola Ariyo
Nigerians troop to model Adeola Ariyo
Nigerians troop to model Adeola Ariyo



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