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NPP activists in deadly clash ahead of primaries

Following an altercation between supporters of two parliamentary candidates in Tepa, the capital of Ahafo Ano North, Anthony Dimalya, an activist with the New Patriotic Party (NPP), is being treated at the Tepa Government Hospital.

Dimalya of the Ward 3 branch of the party is waiting for surgery to repair an injury to his right leg rather than risk having it amputated.

He had previously suffered an injury during an electioneering campaign, and to prevent the right leg from being amputated, a metal implant was placed there.

However, he and a teacher named Agya Owusu were attacked by a group thought to be supporters of Mr. Eric Nana Agyeman Prempeh, the Director-General of the National Disaster Management Organiser (NADMO), who plans to run in the NPP primary, while they were recovering from the aforementioned surgery.

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The excuse for the attack is that the victims were supporters of another prospective parliamentary candidate named Kwaku Fosu Frimpong and that they had campaigned against the NADMO leader, which is what allegedly led to the insults directed at Nana Prempeh Agyemang.

The victims (Dimalya and Agya Owusu), according to information obtained by The Chronicle, went to the Chief’s Palace on June 18, 2023, to observe an arbitration in response to an alleged complaint by the NADMO chairman that certain people had insulted him.

As soon as Dimalya and his companion left the Palace, Casia and one Baba Lion named “8080” ambushed them.

According to reports, the attackers pounced on the two and attacked them severely.

Dimalya claims he was struck against a wall and sustained additional injuries to his right leg, necessitating the removal of the metal on medical advise or risking amputation.
The Tepa police have received an official complaint and have started looking for the three suspects—Baba Lion, “8080,” and Casia—to aid in their investigations.


To restore the party’s reputation in the district, Dimalya has urged the NPP hierarchy to bring the offenders to justice.

In a short response to questions from The Chronicle over WhatsApp, the NADMO leader distanced himself from the charges, including that he was complicit in the assault.

At the time this report was filed, no one had been arrested, but police sources confirmed that the Tepa police were looking into an assault complaint filed by Dimalya and Agya Owusu and were awaiting more thorough investigations.

A businessman and philanthropist named Mr. Kwaku Fosu Frimpong has offered to pay Dimalya’s medical bills in the interim.


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